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A multifandom roleplaying game!

excursus city


You wake up with a painful headache to find yourself standing at the front desk of a hotel. A young woman wearing a hotel staff uniform smiles patiently and hands you a keycard with a room number on it before you have the chance to protest. She explains to you the basics of the city. As a resident of the hotel, you are exempt from the laws of the land and privy to things people in the city can't have. She's even nice enough to mention that you will be resurrected from death one week postmortem. Whether or not you choose to believe it is up to you.

You're welcome to stay in the hotel until "they" decide to allow you to go home. Everything you order on room service, available 24/7, will be charged to your tab and picked up by "them." No matter how many times you ask, she will be unable to specify who "they" are.

It's the year 2200 C.E., according to any man you ask on the street. Escape is only possible with a key. Welcome to Excursus.


EXCURSUS is a panfandom roleplay set in a bustling modern city. We accept characters from any published fandom, but don't currently permit OCs.


1. Remain active! If we see that you've been inactive for a month, your character will be removed. (This means, you must have one post or log per month to keep your character.)
2. IC Death is allowed! As long as both players consent, characters may be killed and returned to life within a week (with a new canon point, or something if you wish.)
3. Please remain IC. Character development is fine, however you're not allowed to make them into an entirely different person in just a few months.
4. Make yourself available for contact. Please put some way to get in touch (AIM names, active e-mail addresses, etc) in your character journal's profile.
5. Both het and slash are allowed, but come on guys, don't make straight characters gay just for the sake of "hot buttsex."
6. All ratings of content are allowed. Please do not apply if you cannot handle reasonably mature material.
7. IC actions will lead to IC consequences. No exceptions. You can't deny other people's characters the right to react to yours just because you weren't prepared for the consequences.
8. Maximum of 15 characters per person. Self-explanatory, really.
8. Kingdom Hearts/Tsubasa versions of Final Fantasy/Clamp characters are allowed, even if we already have the originals! We've decided this since their histories and personalities aren't the same in their different canons. They are different characters, they just share the same name, etc.


Taken Characters: A list of all the characters that are already taken.
Applications: Go here to apply for a character.
New Characters: A list of the characters recently accepted that have yet to be added to the Taken Characters list.
Dropped Characters: A list of the characters recently dropped that have yet to be taken from the Taken Characters list.
Reserved Characters: Make sure to check this before applying! A list of the characters that other people have reserved.
Character Requests: A list of characters that players would like to see in the game.
Wiki Update: Page for new players to go to get their name added to the contact list, or to have existing pages fixed.


Setting: This gives you an idea of what the hotel and the city are like, along with an explanation of how the characters are to communicate.
Keys: Wish keys/Home keys. Very important, go read!
Posting Guidelines: Basic info on posting.


excursuslogs: the community to post your logs/threads in.
excursusooc: the out of character community.




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